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How do you adapt your Belbin roles?

I’ve been on lots of teams over the years—of course we all have—and here at Nugg I think we have a pretty special team going. Since teams are our thing, we tend to think a lot about them. We are framing our thinking around the work of Dr. Meredith Belbin and his concept of “Belbin Roles”. These were new to me when I first heard of them, but they are essentially personality/working types that together describe the roles people play in teams. Which raises the question: What role are you playing on your teams and how does that change over the lifecycle of the team?

And a ghost written post…

Learning only from the tough questions…

If your business isn’t working, if things just aren’t going according to plan, it’s easy to look for the solutions that seem obvious. Occam’s Razor and all, the simplest solution is probably the correct one. Except, the right solution might not be very simple at all. The right solution could require you to ask fundamental questions that challenge what you thought was the right path in the first place.

Yeah I write a lot.


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